J'Adore Dance


Junior Assistant

Abbie has been dancing since before she was born! Abbie started dancing at J'Adore when she was only a few weeks old and her mom ( Ms. Liesa ) brought her to Babies classes. Abbie loves reading fantasy books, writing her own stories, bike riding with her sister and friends, golfing, and playing soccer. She has trained at J’Adore Dance her whole life training in creative dance, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Her teachers have been Ms. Liesa, Ms. Chantel, Ms. Jenna, and Mr. Trung. Abbie looks up to both her mom, Mr. Trung, and her grandma. Abbie was inspired to become a Junior Assistant after watching the other Junior Assistants working at the recital last May. She also thought it would be a good learning opportunity for when she is older, and wants to become a teacher. She is excited to be a Junior Assistant for the 2023-24 dance year!


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Full Year Performance 2024-2025

Saturday 11:10 AM - 12:10 PM
Sep 7th, 2024 - May 25th, 2025
14 spots remaining
Price: $989.95