Field Trips, Workshops, and Special Events for Schools and Community Groups

Is your School or Community looking for the opportunity to give your children a fine arts experience where creativity, expression, imagination, and fun are the main objectives?

At J’Adore Dance we are happy to be able to offer you a variety of fieldtrips, workshops, and special events that have been masterfully designed by Educators Chantel Sampson and Jenna Brenan. Our programs are developmentally appropriate for learners of all ages and can be integrated with your curricular Objectives with a focus on success for all!

Whether it is a one-time workshop, on going programming, or a field trip/special event, we can create a program to suit your group’s budget and needs. Our programming is flexible and can be adapted for large age groupings, small classes and everything in-between!

We believe that all people, regardless of age or ability, should have the opportunity to explore dance, music, and art as a way to celebrate culture, as a form of expression, and as a part of a physically active lifestyle. We understand that each child is unique and strive to create programming that celebrates individuality while working together.

Research has shown that participating in fine arts activities:

  • Foster children’s social, cognitive, and physical development
  • Increases academic performance
  • Supports self-esteem development
  • Fosters positive interactions peers


Early Childhood

Children love to figure things out, and this program will provide opportunities to problem solve together through movement, while gaining balance, flexibility, and coordination. Animated storytelling, world dance and music, instrumentation, props, and simple choreography will add appropriate challenge and interest to this expressive program.

Kindergarten Creative Expression-Sensory Play & Creative Movement ($425 plus GST for the 2 hour, 2 room, 36 student maximum session)

This session combines our regular Early childhood creative movement program with a Sensory Bin Experience. Children will engage in messy activities which will capture their attention, stimulate their 5 senses and encourage creative development. This session will require 2 rooms and 2-3 parent volunteers per room.

Elementary School Curricular Integration

Are you looking for a movement activity to support your Science, Social Studies, Math, Health or Language Arts program?

We have designed dance and movement activities that correlate with the Alberta Program of Studies in each of the subject areas for each grade level. This program will give your students an opportunity to integrate movement into a cross curricular activity.

Our programming provides opportunities that support multiple-intelligences and learning styles, and provide a holistic approach to health and wellness. The programs engage children in developmentally appropriate activities, based on movement, dance, song, rhyme, imagination, and play, allowing for freedom of expression.

Elementary/Junior High/High School Phys. Ed

Are you looking for support in covering the Dance portion of the Phys. Ed Curriculum? We are able to provide instruction in Creative, Folk, Social, Line, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Other styles of dance available upon request.


The AdaptadanceTM Kidz program focuses on creative dance. Dancers and their teachers will explore a variety of music genres, images, and props to develop their dance ability. Teachers will also work with young dancers on classroom routine and etiquette, taking turns, and working with others. This program is recommended for children who are neurodivergent, such as those with autism and other neurological or sensory processing disorders, or children who may benefit from the structure, smaller class size, specialized curriculum, and extra preparation materials offered.

This program may be of interest for students in the 100 Voices, Head Start, Interactions and other specialized preschool and school programs.

Dance Workshops

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids moving? We will bring the dance to you! Providing instruction in Creative Movement, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and/or Novelty (eg. Disco, Latin, Irish, etc.), your students will work on developing gross-motor skills while moving to a variety of music. Multi-age groupings available!

Dance Residencies and Concert Preparation

Are you looking for help putting together your school wide concert? Chantel and Jenna have over 10 years of experience creating, choreographing and directing School Wide Concerts and Musicals. Let them help your staff put together a show you will never forget!

Adding Liturgical Dance to your Celebrations

Psalms 149 and 150 call us to praise God with dance. Are you looking to add Liturgical dance to your school celebrations, Student Faith Development Days or start a Liturgical Dance team? Chantel has developed Liturgical dance teams in a number of Edmonton Catholic Schools as well as choreographing Liturgical dance pieces for District and School Faith Development days and District Celebrations. Let her guide your students through dance as a form of worship or assist you in developing a school Liturgical Dance Team/Club.

Staff Professional Development Opportunities

Would your staff like to learn how to incorporate dance/movement into their daily programming? Explore your movement potential through Creative Dance! Your staff will experience a step-by-step approach for implementing BrainDance, Creative Movement and subject area integration with your students. This session will address the theory and concepts that are the foundation of BrainDance and Creative Movement in a practical way. Be prepared to move and learn! This course is designed to focus on implementing creative movement that can be integrated into other subject areas for grades K-6.


In Studio Bookings Available

JʼAdore Dance Studio, located at 5708-111st. in Lendrum Center, is available weekdays for booking requests. The studio can accommodate a maximum of 36 students in 1 booking.

Rates are 2.5 hour Field Trips/On Site Bookings: $250 each

Off Site (at your school) Bookings

1 hour Workshop: $150.00 each

1⁄2 Day Workshops: $300 each

Full Day Workshops: $400 each

Full week (5 days 9am-3pm), school wide programming, with 2 instructors and ending with a whole school performance: $3000.00 *

* The length of In-school Residencies concluding with a concert may vary based on the school population and number of classes/students.


At J'Adore Dance, we believe that anyone and everyone can dance! Historically, dance has been an important form of cultural expression, used to pass beliefs, values, and narratives to younger generations. We desire to bring dance back to the people! Our classes promote dance as a form of recreation, expression, physical activity, personal growth, and most importantly, FUN, in a supportive, noncompetitive environment!

Our greatest mission at J'Adore Dance is to advocate that all people have the ability and right to dance! As we continue to grow we are dedicated to continuing to offer innovative and exciting programming to meet all our clients' diverse needs.

Owners Chantel Sampson and Jenna Brenan both hold Bachelor of Education degrees with distinction from the University of Alberta. They were both nominated for Excellence in Teaching awards and together they have a combined 28 years of teaching experience. Chantel and Jenna have been classroom teachers in inclusive arts settings as well as having designed and implemented dance programs for Edmonton Public and Catholic Schools. They are also members of the Alberta Dance Educators Association and have completed their Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification holding a designation in Exercise Theory and Group Exercise with portable equipment as well as Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Certifications. Both attend yearly dance educator courses such and have presented at the Alberta Teacher’s Association Fine Arts Council’s Annual Conference. Chantel also recently returned from New York where she completed a Certificate in Performing Arts Healthcare through the American College of Sports Medicine.

For more information on any of our programs or to request a booking please contact:

JʼAdore Dance Co-Owners/Artistic Directors

Chantel Sampson or Jenna Brenan