Junior Assistant

Hana is 14 years old and starting her 6th year of dance. She couldn’t be more excited. When she’s not busy moving to the music, she enjoys reading, swimming, school, and creating. She has taken classes at J’Adore since age 9 and classes at Victoria School since age 12. She also danced at Darlene’s Dance academy from 2015-2016. Besides yearly recitals at J’Adore, she has also performed at Festival of Trees, Alberta Dance Festival, and with Victoria School of the Arts. Her favourite styles of dance include Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary. She has trained under Ms. Jessica, Ms. Chantel, Ms. Jenna, Ms. Katherine, Ms. Tigner, and Ms. McGill. She looks up to all of her teachers as they have all inspired and nurtured her love of dance. Hana is absolutely thrilled about being a Junior Assistant. She can’t wait to share her joy of movement with others.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham