Junior Assistant

Kaitlyn has been doing ballet and jazz at J’Adore since she was 11. When she finished her first year of ballet, a passion for tap was quickly discovered. This wasn’t the beginning for her dance life though. Ever since she could remember her cousin Jenn had danced with her and together they performed at family reunions occasionally. Jenn turned out to be an inspiration for Kaitlyn as she quickly grew to be an amazingly persistent and talented dancer.  Eventually Jenn became the reason for Kaitlyn joining J’Adore dance. Kaitlyn also enjoys playing piano, a hobby she’s been practicing since she was five. Exploring forests and nature walks also are a hobby for her. Mrs. Chantel, Ms. Aphra and Ms. Katherine have all guided and taught Kaitlyn to become the dancer she is today.  J’Adore is and will always will be like a second home to Kaitlyn where she can explore her passion for dance.


Full Year 2019/2020

Day Duration Instructor
JBallet Combo 2 Sunday
Sep 8th 2019 - May 10th 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Rebecca Kaitlyn 0 spots remaining
JBallet Combo 3 Sunday
Sep 8th 2019 - May 10th 2020
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Rebecca Kaitlyn 4 spots remaining