Nostos Collective Dance Association


Nostos Collectives Dance Association, founded in 2014 by Jessica Lowe and Olivia Aubrecht, is a socially diverse and inclusive group of emerging contemporary dance artists who have graduated from various training programs and continue to challenge each other’s craft of choreography and performance. Through the assistance of Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council the company has grown in the past five years in Halifax NS and Toronto, ON.  Nostos Collectives embodies a movement aesthetic composed of raw physicality, floor work, partnering, and inventive use of bodies and space. In creation processes company artists collaborate with choreographer to achieve cohesive works often commenting on current socio-political issues, either through abstraction or narration. In summary, the Collective has worked with a multitude of local emerging artists from the Maritimes and Toronto, it has performed at multiple Fringe Festivals, Nocturne Art Festivals, has held multi-annual independent shows and community classes in both Halifax and Toronto.