Lea has been training in hip-hop for 7 years competitively. She has attended numerous different studios such as Casey’s Dance Centre, Edmonton Dance Factory and has now been training at the Kore Dance Studio for the past three years. Graduating from Holy Trinity High School in 2019, Lea was given many opportunities to teach dance during school flex sessions. She has also taught numerous Freedays at the Kore Dance Studio. 

In 2017, Lea and her duet partner Lovenia Bretania made Represent Dance Competition Finals for their first year of competition. Lea was also awarded Senior Hip-Hop Dancer of the Year at Edmonton Dance Factory, and was given a scholarship from the studio. 

At Edmonton Dance Factory, Lea trained under choreographer Richard Andries. With her past few years at Kore she has also trained under numerous choreographers such as Edrick Ochoco, Emily Tubbs-Way, Josh Candy, Randall Mella and Ally Kinaschuk. 

This past year has been an incredible milestone for Lea as she will now begin competing with the hip-hop group, Cool Giraffes, under choreographers Randall Mella and Thomas Boivin. The Cool Giraffes have recently competed at the World Hip-Hop International competition, winning first place in Canada in Montreal, and making semi-finals for World Championships in Phoenix, Arizona. Lea is ecstatic to be given the opportunity to travel, compete, train and learn more about the roots of Hip-Hop and dance with the people she loves. Lea is excited to be part of the internship program this year at J'Adore Dance.