Musical Theatre IV (14-17 yrs)

Day of the week: Sunday
Duration: September 8th, 2024 until May 25th, 2025
Time: 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM
Age: 14 years to 17 years
Spots Remaining: 7
Price: $989.95

Become a Triple Threat!

Our musical theatre program uses a combination of Laban movement techniques, Improvisation and acting, vocal exercises, and dance choreography to create well rounded theatre program. The focus of this program will be on creating production numbers, those big musical numbers that steal the show! Scenes leading in and out of the musical numbers will also be a part of the program.

Each class will consist of a vocal warm up, movement warm up, drama exercise, vocal practice and choreography. The MT curriculum has been developed by Ms Daelyn and Ms Chantel to create an dynamic well rounded program. 

The students in the musical theatre IV program will become the actors that carry the story line of this year's recital. Prior to recital Ms Chantel works with each class to create the transition scenes between dance numbers working on the acting, narration and blocking for all musical theatre students. Student vocals are recorded and edited into the pre recorded songs.

Full-Year Commitment

At J’Adore Dance we view our dancers as part of our community. As a community, we expect families who enter our program to be ready to commit to a full year program, including a special theatre recital (Dates listed in Policy Handbook). Our theatre recital allows special friends and family members to view our dancers’ hard work and give your dancer the opportunity to perform on stage! If you are unsure if your family can make a full year commitment we highly recommend registering in one of our sessional preschool or kids programs.

Musical Theatre Levels

  • Musical Theatre I (ages 6-7 yrs): Will perform in the Junior Recital (equivalent  to JBallet/JHop/JTap level 3)
  • Musical Theatre II (ages 8-10 yrs): Will perform in the Senior Recital (equivalent  to JBallet/JHop/JTap level 4/5)
  • Musical Theatre II (ages 11-13 yrs): Will perform in the Senior Recital (equivalent  to JBallet/JHop/JTap level 5/6)
  • Musical Theatre IV (ages 14-17 yrs): Will perform in the Senior Recital (equivalent  to JBallet/JHop/JTap level 7-Youth)

Dance Wear Requirements

Proper dance attire is important for keeping your dancer safe, allowing instructors to ensure alignment is correct, and for freedom of movement. Dancers must change out of school and play clothes into proper dance attire before coming to class.

  • Leggings & athletic top, dance leotard (any colour) & dance tights, Athletic pants or shorts & fitted t-shirt (any colour).
  • Jazz shoes (beige)
  • Hair should be pulled backoff the face (long hair in a bun or ponytail)

Dance Wear Packages are available to purchase through J'Adore Dance. They will include a short sleeved bodysuit (6 colour choices available), tights, and ballet slippers. Dancewear will be onsite for payment and pickup that day. We carry a stretch canvas Jazz shoe which retails for $48.50+GST. Dance wear Fitting Days TBA. 

***Please note that basic blacks will likely be required as a base for performance accessories. Tights for recital are not included in your costume. Beige, black, or pink tights must be purchased at J’Adore (Revolution brand) to allow all of the dancers to match. Tights colour will be decided by the teacher during costume week.

Class Fees for the 2024-2025 Season

Your program fee is now an all-inclusive fee, there will no longer be additional fees attached at checkout. Your all-inclusive fee includes your weekly class instruction, program administration, recital costume, recital portraits, and a digital video of recital.  

Class fee payments can be made in full at the time of registration, or can be made using our recurring credit card payment plan. There is an additional $20 fee for the payment plan to cover the transaction and administrative fees associated with recurring payments. Recurring payment plan fees will be charged on August 15, September 15, October 15, and November 15. Please note: J'Adore Dance reserves the right to deny access to the payment plan. The administration fee and payment plan fee must be received at the time of registration.

Musical Theatre (60 min): $989.95+GST (*+payment plan fee)

*Only if you choose to use the payment plan option

****2% discount if full payment is made by cash or e-transfer (no payment plan available)

Please note: If the class you are interested in is listed as full, please click on the waitlist button to be placed on a waitlist. We do often add additional classes if we have enough demand.

Cancellation and Policy Handbook

Cancellations received prior to August 1st of the current dance year will be charged a $75+GST cancellation fee. Cancellations received prior to September 16th of the current dance year will be charged the $200+GST administration/cancellation fee. Cancellations received prior to October 31st of the current dance year will be refunded one half of the total annual class fees (not including the $200+GST administration/Cancellation fee). Cancellations received between November 1 and November 30th of the current dance year will receive studio credit for one half of the class cost (not including the $200+GST administration/Cancellation fee). No refunds or credits will be issued for ANY cancellations received after November 30th of the current dance year. If you are unsure if your child is ready for a full year dance commitment, please consider one of our sessional programs. 

Class switches will not be considered after the second week of full year programming.  Class switches are subject to availability, teacher and administrative approval.  

***Click here for the 2024-2025 Policy Handbook***



Daelyn has been dancing for 17 years at the Wainwright Dance Academy.  Growing up she had the opportunity to dance around Canada and the United States including dancing on the stage in Disneyland. Daelyn started teaching dance when she was 14 and is so excited to continue on her teaching path at J'Adore.  Outside of dance Daelyn is currently enrolled at Concordia University of Edmonton pursuing an education degree.  It is a passion of her's to work with kids and show them the joys of dance.