Ballet *


Day of the week: Mondays
Duration: Jan 6th 2020 until Mar 9th 2020
Time: 7:25 PM until 8:25 PM
Age: 18 years +
Spots Remaining: 6
Price: $162.00

Gain poise, posture, and confidence while toning your entire body!

Ballet provides dancers with the technical foundation and grace to master any form of dance. Focusing on basic technique, strength, flexibility, and coordination, our ballet program is designed for dancers with limited/no ballet experience to advanced dancers.

This class is a performance class for Winter Session, where you will be learning choreography to present at J'Adore Dance's recital in March. Dancers will be responsible for paying for their own costume.

Here at J’Adore Dance, we are lucky to have clients that have such a wide variety of dance experience. While this is exciting for us as a dance community, we want to make sure that our instructors are choreographing to the best ability of each individual. This year, all adult dancers will come together on the first class to then be placed into two groups. Groupings will be decided by the vision of our choreographers, ensuring that all dancers are able to showcase their full strengths.

* Week of January 6th, 7th, and 9th: All participants will dance together during the first hour (one hour class only)

* You will be notified by e-mail of which time slot your instructor has placed you in (first hour or second hour). 

* Please note, you are not registering for a 2-hour dance class. Classes are one hour in length and dependent on group placement. By registering, you are committing to either time slot. Cancellation policies will not be altered due to class placement.

*** This is not an audition! J

*** This is a registered class only. Drop-ins and make-ups will be unavailable only for this 10-week session

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jenna, Chantel, Annie, or your instructor at



Jodie Vandekerkhove is a professional artist with extensive training and education in the field of dance, holding a holding BFA (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and MA (University of Alberta, Canada). Jodie's MA research focused on Ethical Practices for Beginner Ballet Class. The results have been published in Vandekerkhove, J. (2018). At The Barre: Ethical Training for Beginner Ballet Class. In P. Markula & M. Clark (Eds.), The evolving feminine ballet body (pp. 127-150). Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press. She has danced professionally for various choreographers and has performed with Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, KO Dance project, Heidi Bunting, and Mile Zero Dance all over Canada. Jodie has been a presenter for the TEDx Garneau Women event. Jodie appreciates all diverse backgrounds and abilities in dance and appreciates everyone's unique way of moving. Jodie has a passion for teaching dance and presently is a dance instructor at Concordia University of Edmonton, University of Alberta where she informs students of dance education. As well Jodie is the Outreach Coordinator for Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Canada.