Garuda Conditioning/Deep Stretch

Registration Closed
Day of the week: Wednesdays
Duration: Jan 8th, 2020 until Mar 11th, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM
Age: 18 years +
Spots Remaining: 10
Price: $180.00

Garuda takes its name from an Indian mythological bird that can change shape according to its function, inspiring an intelligent and functional form of exercise.  Garuda combines the breath work of yoga, the core strength and focus of pilates and the balletic grace of dance, culminating in a fluid and full-bodied workout for a stronger, more flexible, toned body.

Garuda Deep Stretch will incorporate Garuda yoga poses and deep breathing practices to open the body, release stress and address connective tissue tension.  Stretches will be low to the floor and held for several minutes to allow the joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues to respond to gentle, sustained pressure.  This form of deep stretching is a perfect compliment to more athletic forms of exercise such as dance, pilates and faster-paced versions of yoga.  The class is designed for all levels and abilities.  Take a deep breath and release!



Dancing since before she could walk, Heather is absolutely passionate about dancing, choreographing and performing! She started ballet at age 3, creating her first memory of performing on the stage at the Jubilee Auditorium. Over the years, she has studied many different dance styles, including jazz, Ukrainian, tap, ballet, West African, bellydance, flamenco, and contact improv. Her specialties include mime and clowning, modern dance, composition and dance improvisation. Heather is fascinated by the moving body, and strives to increase her knowledge of different movement modalities and methods. She completed her BFA in Secondary School Drama from the University of Calgary, completing a Minor in Dance, studying Graham, Limon and Cunningham techniques, jazz dance, choreography, dance improvisation, anatomy/kinesiology and dance for education. She went on to attain a B.Ed. in Drama Education (with Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge. Since that time, she has taught for Edmonton Public Schools for 20 years, usually as a Drama and Dance teacher. Heather has been teaching at J'Adore Dance for over 5 years. She loves working in such a positive and welcoming in environment! She has taught many different preschool, children's and adult classes at the studio. This past year, Heather was thrilled to start taking Garuda, loving it so much that she completed her Garuda Matwork certification this summer. She is also currently working on her Intellidance® Certification.