Bodies in the Know, Minds on the Go!

Intellidance® is a series of creative dance programs, created to foster critical development in children ages of 0-5. Research shows that dance and movement activities offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment, enhance life long learning and neural development.

Intellidance® Kids

Intellidance® Kids is designed for children who are ready for a dance adventure! Kids will explore dance concepts through imaginative play while developing movement skills, balance, flexibility and coordination. Instrumentation, sensory props and simple dances will support the development of musicality and self expression helping all children become confident movers and shakers!

This is a preparatory program for our Creative Jazz Ballet Combo programs.

We highly encourage parents to consider if your child is ready for an unparented program. Children in unparented programs must be able to participate in a group setting independently, have the ability to follow directions, and move safely and confidently in a group setting. Children must also be independently toilet trained as instructors are unable to assist children in toileting. If in doubt, we encourage you to register for one of our exciting parent and tot programs to help your child become confident in the dance studio setting.


There are no scheduled classes for this program at this time